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Spain Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages

Molly Ivins

Guardian Unlimited | One in six countries facing food shortage


skippy the bush kangaroo

The Jewish Blog

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ABC News: Board: Teflon Cancer Risks Downplayed

ABC News: NOAA Scientists Say Reports Altered

The New Zealand Herald

Eminent Domain

june2004hastings-mammatus - German coder soldier cleared for refusing to write Iraq software

Watch Those Changing Rules: Finish Sodas on the Platform - New York Times

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Boffins create zombie dogs

Last words

ABC News: Woman Carrying $47K in Bra at Airport Sues

Give it away, give it away, give it away now...

What Johnny Depp Character Are You?


My Way News

The 11-Year-Old Wife - New York Times


Obsessive-Compulsives Corner

ABC News: Brain Exercise Is Key to Healthy Mind

ABC News: Scientists Find Early Signs of Alzheimer's

New model 'permits time travel'

Deep, Dark Secrets of His and Her Brains

If You're Tired of Depressing Political News -

Someone Else's Child - New York Times

Billy Jack Is Ready to Fight the Good Fight Again

Whatever happened to freedom of dissent?

Libraries Say Yes, Officials Do Quiz Them About Users - New York Times

Public Health Advocates Cite Lack of Risk Notice on Potato Chip Bags

Uncle Sam Really Wants You - New York Times

Woman Survives Rare Internal Decapitation - News - Alleged Chicken-For-Sex Offer Lands Meat Man In Jail

I Am a Japanese School Teacher - Part II

I Am a Japanese School Teacher

Dangerrrr: cats could alter your personality - Health - Times Online

The Poor Man � NBC, CNN announce merger

PledgeBank - Tell the world "I'll do it, but only if you'll help"

Word of the Day

Wish I could remember which late-night talk show this was from!

Automotive product with a uniquely Australian name

... and God Created Squid ...

Pending EPA program to test pesticides on children

Cuban Immigrants Intercepted in Floating Taxicab on Yahoo! News Photos

New Scientist Animals and us

Word of the Day

US Marine Corp recruiters resorting to kidnapping

My Cat Hates You!

ABC News: Google Maps Make Demographics Come Alive

ABC News: Border Patrol Horses Get Special Feed

Scientists: Insect Would Kill Coca Crops

Canada on Yahoo! News Photos

Paul Anka Is Back, 63 and Swinging - New York Times

Casey's Peace Page

Word of the Day

The New Zealand Herald

Social Security: Migrants Offer Numbers for Fee - New York Times

Equiluminance effects

Rapid afterimage

Pharyngula::A historian disgraces himself

IsraCast: Technology in Israel

Poll: Minority Groups Favor Ethnic Media - Yahoo! News

Ananova - Clothing for chickens

Internet Archive: Details: Boys Beware

BBC - Radio 3 - Beethoven Experience - downloads


Bush Proclaims Black Music Month 2005

ABC News: Woman Moves to 'Diet Capital', Loses Over 200 Pounds


Bush Gives The Finger

Dept. of: Things you find on the internet when looking for something else

Do You Suppose He's Going For An Insanity Plea?

California lawmakers kill off gay marriage bill

Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries

ABC News: Do Meth Addicts Want Your Identity?

No More Mister Nice Blog

Scanning for Corporate Fallout

Planned Parenthood Is Told to Show Children's Files - New York Times

Bush Hints He Will Withhold Other Papers on Bolton - New York Times - Slideshow