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Photos Taken of 'Living Fossil' in Laos

"The first pictures showing a live specimen of a rodent species once thought to have been extinct for 11 million years have been taken by a retired Florida State University professor and a Thai wildlife biologist.

They took video and still photographs of the 'living fossil,' which looks like a small squirrel or tree shrew, in May during an expedition to central Laos near the Thai border. "

123 Fraud Blvd.: Ex-Cop's Experiment in Homeland Security

"Everywhere he goes, retired New York City cop Bruce DeCell carries a forged copy of a Matricula Consular identification card used by millions of illegal Mexican immigrants.

And everywhere he goes — into airports, train stations, and government office buildings — it seems the card is accepted without question.

Last week, he used it to breach security at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C.

'They must be telling [the guards] to hurry up, keep things moving,' he said. 'It's a boring job. They are like potted plants. I bet if they promised the guards a bonus - $1,000 - I bet they'd catch every one of those fake IDs. Right now, it's just a formality.'"


Algae Returns to Great Lakes

"Call it the return of the green slime.

Back in the 1960s, foul gobs of algae along Great Lakes shorelines made swimmers and sunbathers miserable before a crackdown on phosphorus pollution repelled the invasion.

Now, the algae are mounting a comeback and controlling it may be tougher this time, according to the Michigan Environmental Council, an umbrella organization for a host of environmental and public interest organizations in the state. "

Bulls get simulated cows at farmers' fair

"Live 'sex shows' of bulls mounting a simulated cow have become a big attraction at an agricultural exhibition taking place in New Zealand."


Hawking Says Humans Must Go Into Space

"The survival of the human race depends on its ability to find new homes elsewhere in the universe because there's an increasing risk that a disaster will destroy the Earth, world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking said Tuesday.

The British astrophysicist told a news conference in Hong Kong that humans could have a permanent base on the moon in 20 years and a colony on Mars in the next 40 years."

KFC Sued for Fattening Menu

"The fast food chain KFC is being sued for the fat content in its fried chicken, which Center for Science in the Public Interest says contains 'staggering amounts' of trans fat. "

This is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. What ever happened to personal responsibility? If you eat at KFC, you KNOW it's not good for you.

Don't these people have more important things to worry about? Like, say, why all the amphibians are dying? Or maybe what's being rebuilt, or not being rebuilt, in New Orleans?

How Banning Gay Marriage Will Destroy the Family

"Someone has to say it: A constitutional amendment banning gay marriage will destroy the American family and all the sex-related “values” our brethren on the religious right hold so dear. And it will do so by creating an irresistible demand for a constitutional amendment banning heterosexual marriage.

The logic is clear. Since the Supreme Court ruled, in Lawrence v. Texas, that anti-sodomy laws are unconstitutional, it’s legal for gays to have sex. Add to that a ban on gay marriage and you will create a special class of people – gays and lesbians – who are free to have all the sex they want, as long as it’s outside of marriage."
Great blog from Barbara Ehrenreich, who has written NY Times bestselling books about class differences in America.


Giant Pandas - National Zoo

Panda-Cam. Scroll down the page.


Hillary for President

Pretty funny animated video.


Disney gets a taste for fresh fruit

"Disney has begun licensing fresh fruit in European supermarkets as it tries to jump onto the healthy eating bandwagon and banish the memory of its association with McDonald's."



Network to Rerun 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse'

"After being shuttered for more than 15 years, the doors to 'Pee-wee's Playhouse' are being reopened. The Emmy Award-winning show will get new life on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup, which will air all 45 original episodes beginning July 10, company officials announced Monday. "


Singer-Songwriter Billy Preston Dies at 59

" Billy Preston, the exuberant keyboardist who landed dream gigs with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and enjoyed his own hit singles including 'Outta Space' and 'Nothing From Nothing,' died Tuesday at 59. "

Scientists to Try to Clone Human Embryos

"Stepping into a research area marked by controversy and fraud, Harvard University scientists said Tuesday they are trying to clone human embryos to create stem cells they hope can be used one day to help conquer a host of diseases. "


Norway Drops Wal-Mart

"Norway has excluded the U.S. companies Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc. from its national oil fund investments, the finance minister announced Monday.

Finance Minister Kristin Halvorsen said the world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, was dropped because of concerns about its human rights and labor practices. She said Freeport was barred because of environmental concerns. "



Make any online photo look like a Polaroid.
While it won't rock your world, this is actually more interesting than it sounds.