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Face Transplants

I'd Love This Product Even If I Weren't A Stealth Marketer

More Music Business Hijinks...

Star Trek Evangelists

A Totally Different Spin on the National Health Care Crisis

Strange Product

Fixing Elections for Fun and Profit

Fraud Alleged at Red Cross Call Centers

Walmart Attempts to Circumvent Local Laws Through the WTO

Hurricane Katrina

Judge bans teaching intelligent design

Loans to Homeowners Along Gulf Coast Lag

Fuck Christmas

It's Star Wars on Satellite Radio-Bob Dylan to DJ satellite radio show

Red Cross President Resigns; Questions Remain

Christmas in East Texas

National Geographic Printable Photo Posters

Music thing: Reader builds drum machine in an Excel spreadsheet

Cute Overload!

Emergency Landing At Bermuda Due To Toilet Sex...

Big Brains at the Beckman Institute

Virgin Spaceport to Be Built in N.M.

Santastic: Holiday Boots 4 Your Stockings

Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

Se�ora Presidente?

Megachurches Cancel Christmas

Truly a sign of the coming apocalypse

Excessively Cute

Sappy Stuff

The Long Tail - Who Decides What the People Want to Buy?

Snappy Comeback

Barbra Streisand speaks out for journalistic integrity

Strange, new carnivore species sighted on Borneo

Tough Article to Swallow: School Newspaper Sparks Controversy over Sex Insert

Jesus the 1st National Bank

Hitmakers Implicated in 'Pay for Play' Plans

Sex, or something like it

When Animals Attack

Bad Sex Award

Safe Sex Dress

Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

Upload, Store, Play and Share in a Few Clicks -

Controversy over a Katrina-themed Christmas display...

Wizards Of Winter Video


WhiteTrash Xmas

Trees - Christmas and otherwise

Bill O'Reilly's list

I'm a 2%

Bush Thinks He's Second Coming of Christ....

Bush Biography

Longer needles needed for fatter buttocks

Public Pillow Fights!

Nasal Spray Arouses Women's Desire To Have Sex In Minutes

Ugliest dog dies

Flirty Women Are Blamed For Rape

Reuters Business Channel |

Tears Save Mother From Being Burned Alive

Disability Law, Moving Backward

New Orleans will be below sea level in 90 years

Sony CD's again

Four women forced to consume human excreta in Orissa

Jews' Belongings Unearthed in Polish Camp

The Pen Gets a Whole Lot Mightier | Gulf Coast slaves

Giant ape lived along-side humans

Sony CD's, Part Something or Other

Exotic Animal Meats on VIP Menu at Zoo

Carl Everett is a man of many opinions - Wednesday July 19, 2000

No Place for a Poet at a Banquet of Shame

Ants Reportedly Eat Woman's Eye in India

ABC News: 50 Cent to Launch Hip-Hop Book Line

ABC News: 'Intersex' Fish Found Off Calif. Coast

Too Much Free Time

"if you're going to kill someone, don't google how to do it and get rid of the body on your home computer."

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: - News - Thai Tourists Warned Of Sedative-Spitting Transvestites

Man Claims He Has Rid Himself of HIV

Sony CD's - Part V

Finnegan the Squirrel

Warm, Fuzzy Winter Bra Unveiled in Japan

scribblette: New addition, hopefully one that'll live.

Arctic drilling dropped from House bill

Congress May Curb Some Patriot Act Powers

The Mafia Name Generator

Needed: A Volunteer

Texas Makes All Marriages Illegal!

Sony CD's, Part IV

Blue Ball Machine

ABC News: Is Sauerkraut the Next Chicken Soup?

The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia

Missing Man Found After 25 Years

Court Passes on Transsexual Discrimination

Swedes may offer abortions to foreign women

Kevin Federline (Mr. Britney Spears) Has a Rap Song!

Sony CD's, part III


'Go Kinky' Reality TV Show Pilot to Air...

Student 'girlcott' protests Abercrombie t-shirts

Sony CD's Automatically Disable Your Computer!


Silly Video

I want to - a page of utilities that help you do stuff you want to

Google Print

Mind Like a Steel Trap...

Scientists Find Fossils in Sexual Union

'GMA' Bloopers Online Dating Singles Service and Free Personals

Bobby Brown & Mike Tyson Do the Monster Mash

New Radio Station for Dogs and Cats

Movie: WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price

"America's Next Muppet" mini-series in development

'View Tax' Triggers Revolt in Rural N.H

Should Drug Laws Limit Religious Activities?

A Fetish That's Been Blown Out of Proportion

Shak has figured out the Secret of the Universe

Sam Alito is less qualified

Willie Nelson Hosts Friedman Fundraiser

New Environmental Protection Laws

Early Holiday Cheer - Disturbing Santas

Anna Nicole Smith's Dogs Boycott Iams

NYC Smells Like Maple Syrup


All-Terrain Wheelchair - iBOT- 4000 Mobility System

Mother Accused of Throwing Kids Into Bay

Olamide Adeyooye: Missing Illinois State University Senior

Camel Toads

Trespassing charged in horse-sex case

The Abortion Debate No One Wants to Have

Confessions of a Wal-Mart Hit Man | The land of Republican perfection

US troops 'starve Iraqi citizens'

Something Awful

Cat Born With 2 Tongues

Bone of Hobbit-like species�uncovered

South Asia Quake Help

Picture of the Day

Arkansas Mother Gives Birth to 16th Child


Sexual Slavery in Prison

Festivus Appreciation Day

Bill Maher

New Scientist - Book thrown at proponents of Intelligent Design

Baby Peace: Randal Kleiser's 35 year old antiwar PSA

How to Levitate

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Python Explodes After Eating Alligator

Oregon RIAA Victim Fights Back;

Anatomy of a Photograph

Son of Jimmy Carter to challenge Ensign in 2006

Energy Conservation, as per President Koo-koo Bananas