eBay: The Ultimate Hippie Vacation

This is for real, and funny as hell...

"Okay, the deal is, my brother-in-law and his huge hippie bus moved into our backyard. AND WE WANT HIM OUT! Please help us by bidding on this auction! Every bid moves him one step farther out of our yard!

About my brother-in-law, he may be a little 'touched in the head.' He just showed up a few weeks ago (unannounced of course) from California and parked his Hippie Bus in our yard. Apparently, he was fleeing from some sort of alien or supernatural invasion or something like that. (If you win, he'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to explain that one to you.) Anyway, his bus really stands out up here in the Ozarks of NW Arkansas (not too many hippies around here), and the neighbors have started to 'talk'.

It really didn't help matters much when, 2 weeks ago, we got a call from an elderly lady that lives down the road from us. She was out of breath and could barely get out the words: 'I just saw Cody runnin' down the road 'nekkid' as a jaybird! You best git your husband down here to fetch him or else I'm callin' the law!' Well, she did call the 'law' and now he needs money for his newest court date. "

Here's the ebay auction page:

"Cody has asked me to add quite a few things to this auction listing.

Among the list:

If you are looking to lose weight, this is the trip for you! Just look at Cody! The Cody Diet is guaranteed to work! (He believes that you can live off of pine trees and water only.) Also, pushing the bus is great exercise!

If you are interested in UFOs or aliens, this would also be the trip for you! Cody has extensive experience with communicating with aliens. In fact, he will help you to reach them! (You must supply your own foil hat and satellite dish.)

Cody will not pick up hitchhikers unless he receives approval "from above" (his words).

Interested in a Hippie Convoy? Anyone that wants to follow along behind Cody's bus is welcome.

Cody built his bus with his own six hands. (His other two personalities helped out.)

Be advised that Cody does like to "hang out with his wang out." Not exactly sure what that means, but it doesn't sound good to me.

Cody spent most of the day working on his new hang-glider! Oh boy! I will post pics tomorrow. PLEASE get him out of here!"

And here's the web page to keep up with him now that the auction's over:


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