Cat Confession...

...and an explanation - Our cat, Buddha, ran away at the rest stop on our way out of town. So when we got to N.M., and I started making up flyers to post on the way back, I didn't have any pictures of him to put on it. I searched on the internet and found a picture of a cat that looks just like him, (my Significant Other [hereafter referred to as "my S. O."] thought it was him) and used it on the flyer. When I got back and discovered a lot of people wanted an update, I posted the update while at work and used the same photo because I didn't have one of him with me. make up for dissing my cat, here are some actual photos of Buddha (A.K.A. Bailey, or Boudreaux, or Sweet William, or, during the holidays, Good King Wenceslas, or Fat Bastard, or, while he was still feral, Shithead.)

Here he is with his "real" mommy, my daughter (in a picture she hates, thus the bar across her eyes!) This is how he prefers to spend his entire Sunday, if possible.

And here he is sitting in the window, waiting for his real mommy to come home from Atlanta for a visit . For some reason, he likes to sit with one arm resting on the sill. He just knows he's cool, I guess!

You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

More to come...


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