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Customized, machined pizza cutters

Political Cartoons -All Hat No

Wish List, continued

Lord Almighty, CNN Sucks | Oliver Willis

Keeping Great Crowds Off Central Park's Great Lawn

ABC News: Exploding Toads Puzzle German Scientists

Hide all the Little Kittens!

Americans Pay Off Credit Card Debt! - This is not science fiction. It's really happening. By Daniel Gross

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Concern over rise of 'happy slapping' craze A Quick Intro

Tracker Trail - Fire - Can of Coke and a chocolate bar

Grant Robinson : Guess-the-google launcher

Email destroys the mind faster than marijuana - study | The Register


Arnold Exposed

The Lone Star Iconoclast Online

Edge: THE MATHEMATICS OF LOVE: A Talk with John Gottman

Joanne Jacobs

Texas bans gay foster parents - Yahoo! News

The J-Walk Blog: Movie Manners Cards

Blogthings - Who's Your Inner European?

The Nattering Nabob

China Buffet workers freed on condition they don't sue

Question of the Day

The New York Times > The Man Date

The New York Times > Arts > Music > Critic's Notebook: This Is the Sound of Globalization

ABC News: Colorado Man Resuscitates Chicken

ABC News: Whale-Dolphin Hybrid Has Baby Wholphin

village voice > people > Savage Love by Dan Savage

Sock It to Me!

Pete's Travels

Rage Against the Machine : Why Voting Doesn't Work and What You Can Do About It. ||

The New York Times > Opinion > Editorial: A New Attack on Women's Sports

Short film review

Brother Rail Gun of Desirable Mindfulness - Unitarian Jihad, the Meme

Michael Kinsley

Take Action: Stop the 'nuclear option' and preserve the right to challenge extremist judges.

Elizabethan Thought and Culture

TV Tuners for Your PC


AnandTech - More proof that Best Buy is actually "Worst Buy": Man arrested for paying in $2 bills

eBay item 5367705295 (Ends Mar-05-05 21:28:30 PST) - Blue ceramic rocket and penis sculpture

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Contributor: One Hundred Years of Uncertainty

'60 Minutes II' Wins a Peabody Award, Raising Eyebrows

First Draft - On Messengers and Shooting

The Passion of the Tom

The Nattering Nabob

New Zealand's leading news and information website

A Side Order of Human Rights

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy :: The Official Movie Website

ThinkGeek :: iCopulate


Norwegian Job Ad Seeks Friendly Vikings

The Nattering Nabob

Word of the Day

Pale Male: Eggs in The Nest Since March 9th - Hatching mid April!

Joel Stein

The New York Times > Health > A Therapy for Cat Allergies, Thanks to Mice

Homemakers Are the Fat Cats. Who Knew? Their Husbands.

The New York Times > National > As Satellite Radio Takes Off, It Is Altering the Airwaves

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Dr. Seuss explained