This is unbelievable. They are selling underage girls as "brides", and it's legal?

Age 14 1/2, $27,995 - "..while she has little direct experience with the opposite sex we have made sure she is aware of everything she needs to know to be a good wife and mother."

Age 16, $49,995 - "She likes parties and has spent more time with boys than we’d have liked her to....She’s a bit fiery but worth it."

Age 16, $5,995 - "Cheyenne has had trouble with unchristian desires... "

Age 15, $29,995 - "She knows God put her on Earth to serve her husband like it says in the Bible and we’ve made sure she knows exactly how to do that."

Age 13, $49,995 - "She got an A in Home Ec. and has read up on what else would be expected of her as a wife and is looking forward to it."

Marry Our Daughter

Update - Whew, it is a joke.


I'm embarrassed by how many I recognized

Fishy Fetish

Sounds fishy to me

This headline ought to get me some traffic. Anyway, this article, which may or not be legit, claims that all Japanese fisherman have sex with...manta rays.

Dept. of the Obvious

Food additives may cause hyperactivity: study | Health | Reuters.com

This is not news to anyone with a brain...