This is unbelievable. They are selling underage girls as "brides", and it's legal?

Age 14 1/2, $27,995 - "..while she has little direct experience with the opposite sex we have made sure she is aware of everything she needs to know to be a good wife and mother."

Age 16, $49,995 - "She likes parties and has spent more time with boys than we’d have liked her to....She’s a bit fiery but worth it."

Age 16, $5,995 - "Cheyenne has had trouble with unchristian desires... "

Age 15, $29,995 - "She knows God put her on Earth to serve her husband like it says in the Bible and we’ve made sure she knows exactly how to do that."

Age 13, $49,995 - "She got an A in Home Ec. and has read up on what else would be expected of her as a wife and is looking forward to it."

Marry Our Daughter

Update - Whew, it is a joke.


Unknown said…
Heh, I missed the bit where you said it's a joke and got worried too! "States consider it a crime for adults to have sex with minors, but they allow kids as young as 12 to get married with parental and sometime judicial permission."

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