Intelligent Design

On the first day of creation, the cat was created.

On the second day, man was created to serve the cat.

On the third day, all the animals of the
earth were created to serve as potential food for the cat.

On the fourth day, honest toil was created so that man
could labor for the good of the cat.

On the fifth day, the sparkle ball was created so that
the cat might or might not play with it.

On the sixth day, veterinary science was created to keep
the cat healthy and the man broke.

On the seventh day, the creator tried to rest, but he had to scoop
the litter box


Monkey Migraine said…
Hee hee, that's a good one. Did you come up with that? If so, expect to see this post copied on a hundred cat websites in the future attributed to "anonymous." Copyright, my friend.
Sharon said…
Not mine, it came to me in an email. No idea who the author is. But it's so very, very true!
Scribblette said…
That's hilarious :)

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