New Scientist - Book thrown at proponents of Intelligent Design

"'Devastating' early drafts of a controversial book recommended as reading at a US high school reveal how the word "creationism" had been later swapped for "intelligent design", a landmark US trial scrutinising the teaching of ID heard on Wednesday."

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Marla Singer said…
I would like very much to know more about this. It's interesting how people on far ends of the scientific and religious spectrum are unable to consider the possibility of both methods of the universe's beginning. Why do the theories have to be mutually exclusive?
Gary said…
Intelligent Design is a well-funded, political more than religious, campaign to ease God back into the science classrooms.

Evolution is actually smarter than intelligent design for what it does, insure the survival of a species.
Scribblette said…
Wanting to teach "Intelligent Design" is just bull... it's just another front for teaching creationism, as demonstrated, or better yet, just a way to get religion back into schools. If you want to offer kids the opportunity to learn THEOLOGY, fine! Go ahead! but don't disguise it like this.
Sharon said…
Legally, in the U.S. you're not allowed to teach theology in government-funded schools, so they try to hide it. I can't imagine who they think they're fooling.
Marla Singer said…
But the state's point is this:
There are scientists who have researched and concluded that "intelligent design" (be it a deity who cares or not) is a viable option. If it is a method that is widely accepted by the general populous and scientists, then how can this theory not be presented along with the big bang?

If one wants to suggest this is pseudo-science, then we should throw out our current theories of the universe. Along with sociology, quantum mechanics, and molecular biology. Intelligent design does not state why things were created, but that there is an alternative to the way things started.

The state isn't advocating belief in a Judeo-Christian God and set religious docterine, merely presenting a theory that is widely accepted.
Sharon said…
Okay, this is why all the "intelligent design" and other god-theories are crap: because no one has ever adequately explained who designed the "designer". If you support the theory that life couldn't be accidental and had to be designed by a higher being, then who created the higher being? Did it just - gasp! - EVOLVE?

And doesn't it get lonely?

Religion is born out of fear. The whole concept is just a crutch for people who can't face reality, who need someone to tell them what to believe, and who can't accept their own mortality.

and p.s., the general populace could never even figure out how to program their VCR's. Intelligence is not a common feature of the general populace.
Marla Singer said…
The point to a "designer" is that it would not have evolved out of nothingness. Otherwise, both main theories break down at the millisecond before the universal timeline began.

Even if it were an oscillating universe doomed to a semi-entropic death every 60 billion years, modern science cannot fathom why things are in motion.

Most likely, we will never have a set of physics to describe pre-time and even then it will not be able to tell us the why. We can merely present theories to explain our conceptions of how.

Maybe it can be considered weak that humans need a reason to the why. In my opinion I consider this internal need part of the beauty of the intelligent design theory. It explains an aspect of our humanity. Mortality or no, we long for greatness outside of ourselves.

Although we differ greatly in our opinions, I will agree about the VCR thing: How can manufacturers design and sell devices with more than an on/off button?
Sharon said…
You still haven't explained how the designer came into being. Assuming, of course, that any of us, or the universe, actually exists at all.

But it all boils down to the fact that teaching ID in schools violates separation of church and state.
Marla Singer said…
Not a clue on how the designer came into being. Not a clue on how the big bang came into being either.

If we don't exist, I'm going to be really pissed at myself for waking up early on a Saturday.

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