scribblette: New addition, hopefully one that'll live.

It's early summer in Australia, and Shak is busy rescuing baby birds. Cute pictures.

"Chirping very softly but not trying to eat again yet. Only had the one mouthful. They said it ate a worm they gave it but kept getting kicked out of the nest they were putting it in (so either not from that nest or the mother refuses it). Can still see the tiny dot of what must've been the tooth at the end of it's beak, so it's not been long since it hatched. No fully developed feathers. Rough fuzz/fur in very small patches in areas. Perhaps under a half centimetre of feather blooming from the quills it has growing."


Scribblette said…
I only just spotted this when googling myself. Aww. :) And LOVE the squirrel pics!

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