Got this via email today:

"As you open your pockets for the holiday season, keep these facts in mind:

Marsha J. Evans, President and CEO of the American Red Cross, salary for the year ending 6.30.03 was $651,957.00

Brian Gallagher, President of the United Way, receives a $375,00 base salary plus numerous expense benefits.

The Salvation Army' Commissioner, Todd Bassett, receives a salary of only$13,000 per year (plus housing) for managing this $2 Billion organization.

Please be generous to the bell ringers. No further comment necessary."

So I checked it out on It appears to be incorrect. The United Way's president recieved $500,768 and the Salvation Army's top executive received $166,850.


Gary said…
Interesting, but the SA is not really comparable. It is a religious group and provides free housing and other benefits to the officers. Also, it is not clear how Forbes obtained that SA salary, I went to the online sources listed and could not find it. Churches don't have the requirements other non-profits have on financial reporting.

The Red Cross is a quasi-governmental organization with much of the board appointed by the President and has been pretty solidly Republican for a number of years.

The Houston Area United Way was generous to it's top officers but the latest report I see shows $227,200 for the President, much lower than I remember from ten years previously. This probably does not include all of the conpensation as the source, Charity Navigator, also shows only $450,000, not the $652K that Forbes has, for Evans of the Red Cross.
Gary said…
I found the source of the confusion. The UK head of the Salvation Army was paid around 10,000 pounds in 2002, which was roughly $13,000. This is an article in the UK Guardian.

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