Face Transplants

There's been a lot in the news lately about face transplants and the ethics involved. One of the issues I've seen brought up is what the effect would be on the recipient when they look in the mirror and see someone else's face - would that have damaging psychological effects?

Well, of course there would be psychological effects, but my question is this: Do they really think that it would be more damaging than looking in the mirror and seeing whatever damage there was that led to them being eligible for a face transplant? Would seeing a different face than the one you were born with really be worse than seeing a face badly disfigured by fire or an accident?

Personally, I think if they've got the ability to do this and help people, then they should. It's certainly a more ethically justifiable use for the skills and technology than boob jobs, cheek implants, or, um...Michael Jackson.


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