More Music Business Hijinks...

...or "How to Ensure People Get Thoroughly Pissed Off and Continue to Download Illegally Whenever They Can"

"You Have to Admire the Transparency"

"The other day I fired off about the moribund music industry shifting its target from downloads to target lyrics websites, in essence offering to litigate them into oblivion. But I was wrong about their attitude.

The music business knows one thing better than anything else on the planet; money. Just as they salivated over getting paid for every 'illegal' download, so now they are licking their lips at being paid for every copy of every lyric of every song. First shut down the free sites, then put all the lyrics, even the ones that are out of copyright, behind a paid login and behold, instant profit in the billions. Open champagne, order new Ferrari, dance on table top."

And it gets worse. There's new stuff in the works to keep you from making copies of CD's for your own personal use. From A Networked World.


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