Judge bans teaching intelligent design

"PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - A federal judge on Tuesday banned the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to evolution by Pennsylvania's Dover Area School District, saying the practice violated the constitutional ban on teaching religion in public schools.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge John Jones dealt a blow to U.S. Christian conservatives who have been pressing for the teaching of creationism in schools and who played a significant role in the re-election of President George W. Bush"


Gary said…
Intelligent Design is a the brain child of a well-funded group to dress up creation science as more scientific and less overtly religious. This is the favorite tactic of conservatives now, small incremental changes - in this case to wear away the secular scientific view in public schools.

The people who imposed ID insist it is not religious (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) but their "scientific theory" is anything they can't explain or is too complex must be the work of a "grand designer." There is no science in ID. Science advances by being wrong. There is no way to prove anything in ID wrong. You can prove their specific examples wrong but they just point to other not yet unexplained items.

The judge in the Dover case recommended perjury charges against the fundy Christians who lied about their source of funding, lied about the religious backing they received, lied about religion playing no part in their discussions, and tried to hide the donations they took from a church. (Wonder if a commandment about bearing false witness rings any bells with them.)

Then after the voters swept the religious fundies out of office who tried to impose their religious beliefs on children - "but it is not a religion" - Pat Robertson gets on TV and in effect says "God will punish that community."


Last time I went to a church down here with my Dad and Stepmom I almost asked for equal time as he presented the GOP platform with a few Amens, This was another one who didn't know his facts which really annoys me. (Preachers - Don't use stories from Tolstoy or Gibbons *Fall of the Roman Empire* you cribbed from some preaching Cliff Notes when what you are telling people isn't what they wrote. And don't start on Washington and Jefferson and early American history if I am in the audience and you start misleading or lying from the pulpit.)

I need a UU church closer, I miss intelligent talks on Sunday and the conversations with coffee.

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