FEMA strikes again

So this week in Houston, FEMA has opened up a processing center for evacuees in an old grocery store (they planned to do it last week, but Rita interfered). It's running about as well as you'd expect - Peoople lined up for hours in the blazing sun, no water, no seats, no shade, and at the end of the day, no benefits, either. People passing out from the heat. They're just told to come back the next day. One woman told a reporter that she's still living in her car with her kids. How many weeks has it been since Katrina?

I think they did finally get some awnings set up to provide shade after a couple of days. But they're still not really doing anything for a lot of these people. People are telling of calling FEMA every day and being told their application was still being processed.
How many weeks has it been since Katrina?


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