The Most Effective Way to Help Hurricane Victims

You may have heard on the news that Houston is in the process of receiving 23,000 relocated hurricane victims from the Superdome, in addition to the thousands that have already made it here on their own.

I've spent a good part of the last few days trying to figure out how to help, only to discover that most of the big organizations, i.e. the Red Cross, Salvation Army, the City of Houston, are completely disorganized and have their heads up their asses. They are TURNING AWAY volunteers, food, etc. A guy showed up with a truck load of cooked food, and was turned away, yet there are victims at the Red Cross headquarters who haven't eaten for 3-4 days who are being told they will be helped "in a week or so". Yet volunteers are actually being turned away.

The Salvation Army says they can feed a family of four for two days with $100. Um, I can feed a family of four for a week with $100.

NOBODY is accepting clothing, except some local churches.

The only organization that seems to be operating effectively is the Houston Food Bank. Their website actually has info on where to go and how to help. It even says "Don't call, just show up!"
If you're in the area, check out their page and go help. If you're not local, you can donate here.


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