We're Back

Back from evacuating from Hurricane Rita.

The good news is the house is fine, we didn't even lose any oranges or tangerines off the trees.

The bad news is that one of our cat carriers collapsed at a rest stop on I-10 on Thursday night, and one of our cats escaped and ran into the woods. He was too scared to come out, and kept running deeper into the woods. We stopped and looked for him again on our way back yesterday, but no luck. It's only about 2 hours outside of Houston, so I'm going to be going back whenever possible to look some more. I left some dirty clothes with our scent on them near where he went under the fence into the woods, so maybe he'll find them and hang out.

He started out feral, so he knows how to catch food, and he knows to stay away from traffic. He's just very shy, so he tends to avoid people.

On a lighter note - We left Houston at 10:00 a.m. Thursday, and due to my total lawlessness (hey, just because a road is under construction doesn't mean it can't be driven on!), we made better time than most and arrived in Alamogordo, New Mexico about 5:00 p.m. Friday.

I have not been back to Alamogordo, have not WANTED to go back, since I graduated high school in 1978. So that day, as we're attempting to turn on to the main street of town, we see the road is blocked. I guess word must have leaked out that I was coming back, because there was a parade coming right down the street toward us. A homecoming parade. I guess I owe someone a thank you note...


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