ABC News: Face Transplants: Do Risks Outweigh Benefits?

"CLEVELAND Sep 18, 2005 - In the next few weeks, five men and seven women will secretly visit the Cleveland Clinic to interview for the chance to have a radical operation that's never been tried anywhere in the world.

They will smile, raise their eyebrows, close their eyes, open their mouths. Dr. Maria Siemionow will study their cheekbones, lips and noses. She will ask what they hope to gain and what they most fear.

Then she will ask, 'Are you afraid that you will look like another person?'

Because whoever she chooses will endure the ultimate identity crisis.

Siemionow wants to attempt a face transplant. "


Scribblette said…
bugger me. That's insane. It's the first PUBLIC face transplant, anyway. Heh.

- Scribblette

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