Question of the Day

Why is it that as I drive around, I see almost no flags lowered to half-mast? After 9/11, they were all at half-mast. Is this not a national tragedy as well?

Why hasn't there been an official proclamation from the White House? Do they think we won't notice that people have died if they don't officially acknowledge it? Or is it because the Bush administration doesn't think these lives are as important, because they were mostly black and/or poor, whereas the 9/11 victims were mostly upper-middle class whites?

I'm sure someone will eventually explain that it's because everyone is too busy trying to help the survivors. We can all have a good, long laugh at that one, since we had plenty to worry about in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, what with the possibility of continued attacks and all, but they still managed to tell us all to lower our flags.


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