Daily Kos: Who Is Holding the Red Cross Accountable?

"Who Is Holding the Red Cross Accountable?

Don't mean to be a spoilsport, but the American Red Cross is a bogus organization, with zero accountability and a track record of greed, misrepresentation, and waste bordering on criminal behavior. It cannot manage even something as basic as the blood supply, even mismanaging it to the point of compromising the nations' ability to ensure we have enough uncontaminated blood. Then there's the 9-11 debacle, where they were busted so badly that they had to issue retractions, denials, and move millions out of dubious bank accounts and actually give to the cause they touted so brazenly while they profited off of their lies. Do you really think they have instituted the accountability structures that need to be in place in an organization of that size and responsibility? Read more about my personal experience with this duplicitous organization."

And again, I recommend the Houston Food Bank or similar organizations. Will post others as I find them.
"Did you know that with a ONE dollar donation, we can secure TWENTY-FIVE dollars worth of food?"

I've heard from a contact in Dallas that the North Texas Food Bank is also doing good work.

"Wednesday afternoon a truck was sent to Lake Charles, Louisiana from the North Texas Food Bank to help with supplies in that area. In 12 hours the truck arrived and more than 25,000 pounds of water, snacks and supplies were unloaded!"

Additionally, some of the 23,000 people that were supposed to be housed in the Astrodome are being transferred to Dallas.


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