123 Fraud Blvd.: Ex-Cop's Experiment in Homeland Security

"Everywhere he goes, retired New York City cop Bruce DeCell carries a forged copy of a Matricula Consular identification card used by millions of illegal Mexican immigrants.

And everywhere he goes — into airports, train stations, and government office buildings — it seems the card is accepted without question.

Last week, he used it to breach security at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C.

'They must be telling [the guards] to hurry up, keep things moving,' he said. 'It's a boring job. They are like potted plants. I bet if they promised the guards a bonus - $1,000 - I bet they'd catch every one of those fake IDs. Right now, it's just a formality.'"


Otis said…
Intrestingly enough, and as you are probably aware, there are 2 forms of Mexican ID cards...one of which, the original issue, has been dropped by Mexico.

Since then, Mexico issued a position statement to all governments to "ignore" the original ID cards basically stating that they were too easy to replicate...the problem now is there are still thousands of these original or replicated cards in the hands of individuals.

Many local authorities have no information on which card is reliable and may accept the older abandoned card as identification.

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