KFC Sued for Fattening Menu

"The fast food chain KFC is being sued for the fat content in its fried chicken, which Center for Science in the Public Interest says contains 'staggering amounts' of trans fat. "

This is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. What ever happened to personal responsibility? If you eat at KFC, you KNOW it's not good for you.

Don't these people have more important things to worry about? Like, say, why all the amphibians are dying? Or maybe what's being rebuilt, or not being rebuilt, in New Orleans?


Gary said…
What is with their new potato bowls? Are they trying to copy Taco Cabana? Have you ever wanted your chicken, potatoes, gravy and corn all served in one bowl since you were a small child?

Last year USAToday said this was part of a hip, but more Southern, makeover of KFC. I think of all Southern food in one bowl as the opposite of hip.

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