ABC News: Saudi's Penis Reattached After Maid Cuts It Off

"May 9, 2006 - Surgeons have reattached the penis of a Saudi man who paid the price for trying to have sex with his Filipina maid and she attacked him with a knife, a hospital source said on Monday.

'This is a sophisticated operation. You are dealing with an organ in a difficult area and you want to try to return to its efficiency,' said a spokesman at Riyadh's Takhassusi Hospital.

Earlier this month newspapers reported that the maid removed her employer's manhood when he tried to molest her in the middle of the night as his wife was sleeping. The maid is now in police custody.

'It's one of the rare cases - but they did it (the operation) last week and it went smoothly,' the spokesman said. 'The hospital has done this kind of operation before, but only after people had car accidents.'"


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