Old blog, new blog

I haven't been posting here lately, mostly due to a lack of time. Been putting all my efforts into my new website, where I'm going to be selling the jewelry I've been designing for 30 years. So far I only have one item on the site (because I'm having a terrible time getting pictures to do the pieces justice), but in conjunction with that, I've started a new blog.

The new blog is about all forms of art and craft. I'll be posting about all sorts of interesting artists I find on the web and elsewhere. I'm hoping to use it to give them (and ME, of course), some more exposure.

My new blog address is jordanbaileydesigns.blogspot.com, and my new jewelry site is jordanbailey.etsy.com.

My jewelry site is part of a much larger site (200,000 members, last I heard) called Etsy. Etsy.com is an international marketplace of artists and artisans, and even if you're not really into that sort of thing, the website itself has all kinds of neat apps and widgets that are fun to play around with. Explore some of the items in the menu on the left of the site, like "Colors", for instance, to see what I mean. In the "Colors" widget, as you drag your mouse around the page, different colors appear. Click on a color, and it will pull up items that match that color.


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