Just Say N.O.

A friend of mine is spending several days visiting a friend of his who is living in New Orleans. He called a few minutes ago and he was telling me about how jacked up it still is there.

He said that all the houses have all these symbols painted on them by the national guard - the symbols tell you that bodies were found there, or dead animals...they also warn about packs of wild dogs. He said he's staying in a really high rent area, but right next door are houses that are just burned out shells. There's one with the door hanging open and stuff half out, and you can see inside and there's no roof. There's a house down the street that people are living in, but the balcony is barely attached to the building, and people are just sitting underneath it hanging out.

He also said it's really hard to find your way around, because they haven't even bothered to put the street signs back up. He was pretty incredulous, and it's not like he hadn't heard that it was a mess down there, so I guess it's even worse than what you would think.

I remember people were saying that the government was trying to keep the poor from returning - that they were trying to make it so that only rich white people moved back. But from the sound of what he said, it seems more like they're trying to make N.O. just a giant slum that they can dump undesirables in.

It's been almost two years since Hurricane Katrina.


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