Grand Theft Adult - New York Times

"A game like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has a lot to tell us, most of it unpalatable, about how American culture looks through certain eyes. But so does the reaction to this modification and the scenes it exposes. As always in America, sex and nudity create the scandals, not systemic violence. Without Mr. Wildenborg's mod, all you could do in the fictional territory of San Andreas was engage in explicitly sociopathic - not to say psychopathic - criminality. With his mod, you get all that and a little virtual sex as well."

Um, but they're forgetting one thing - pornography is violence - it's just violence towards women, which our society has always found acceptable.

Update: And does anyone really think that parents who let their kids have this violent piece of crap in the first place are going to care in the slightest about some hidden porn?


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