skippy the bush kangaroo

"the million march 15"

"so many people have joined in the blogtopia-wide (yes! we coined that hyphenate!) goal of helping skippy reach a million visitors on our third blogiversary of july 10 and/or 13, that we can hardly write this without tears of joy interferring with our snark."

Go there and help Skippy reach a million hits - after all, "jon stewart says "when i want news, i turn to cnn...and they bush kangaroo."
It's a good blog. Check out the post "fortunate son".
On a related note, I read somewhere yesterday that while Jon Stewart has ruled out a jump to network television, he has not ruled out a run for a political office.
kinky for governor! JON STEWART FOR PRESIDENT!


skippy said…
hey, thanks for the link, sharon!

i'll add you to my blogroll later this week!

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