The Final Word on the Cheney Hunting Incident

"Dick Cheney represents all that is reprehensible about the sport that is hunting.

In case you're one of those people that would rather paper-cut their eyeballs than read a newspaper (i.e. 98% of the American population), Dick Cheney 'accidentally' shot a lawyer-buddy of his on a hunting trip in coastal Texas this weekend. The dude's not gonna die or anything, but he won't be competing in any ironman triathlons anytime soon, either (mostly due to his age, completely irrelevant to this story).

So why am I pissed off?

Because Cheney was simply hunting for sport. From what I've heard, he had no plans to eat the dude or even make lawyer-jerky out of his remains; he just shot the dude so that he'd have a trophy to put over his fireplace."

Timmy put the proper spin on it.


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