Happy Anniversary to me!

Today is twenty-six years of not eating any animals that are bigger than me.


Gary said…
Wow, congratulations, I think.

Is that sizism? Scared they will seek revenge?

Reminds me of a cartoon of people staning in line to get into Heaven and there is a holy cow checking names - "I think I'm in trouble."

I was healthiest when I was only eating vegetables and fish and chicken and occasionally lean meat and avoiding sugar, bread, soft drinks and all starches. Starches only at one meal a day and then couldn't be more than one third by weight. I was weakening and slowly cheating too much on that diet when I moved in with my sister who primarily has junk food and sugars and starches and red meat. A very unhealthy diet now and I show and feel it.

I have a number of vegetarian friends and I like tofu but I think a starchy vegetarian diet can be just as bad as a typical American diet.
Sharon said…
"Is that sizism? Scared they will seek revenge?"

Yeah, I think one day they're all gonna get pissed off about people eating them, and then they're gonna rise up, and you guys are in TROUBLE! Then you'll see the true definition of a MAD COW!

Actually, I used to not eat smaller animals, either, for about 20 years, but then I found out I'm allergic to almost every food you can think of, including soy and other beans, so I added chicken and turkey back in.

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