Google Idol... unearthing the world's talent...

"Google Idol is a new online competition for the many talented (and not so talented) people out there who have been waiting for their moment of fame. The competition puts publicly submitted videos from Google Video in a head-to-head knockout tournament of 4 heats and 2 semi finals leading up to the grand final when a winner is announced.

Popularity is judged by the public who vote for their favourite video - and you can vote once a day for the Gidol you want to win. Votes are tallied at the end of the competition and the video with the highest number of votes will be named the winner. Prizes will also be offered for all winners of our major competitions.

The first competition will be based on lip-syncing talent, but watch this space! - new competitions are being developed all the time, and the next one could be just for you.

An experienced panel of critics will comment on your work, giving you tips, hints and advice, and, of course, marks for your performance. The critics will judge your work according to the Google Idol standards, to see how you fit into the Google Idol craze; but in the end, it's the public that counts as they cast the votes. So be seen today. With over 60,000 visitors to the site per week, you could be a household Gidol in no time!

Fame is just one shameless performance away!"


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