Wal-Mart Fair Share

"A new report from the AFL-CIO shows that Wal-Mart's refusal to pay decent wages and provide affordable health insurance is costing state taxpayers millions to provide health care coverage to Wal-Mart workers.

As employer-based health care declines, many working families have been forced to rely on public health care programs to secure coverage. The result has been exploding Medicaid costs that are breaking state budgets.

Three states have enacted the Health Care Disclosure Act, which requires them to report which employers' workers are relying on taxpayer-funded health care programs to cover their families. Thanks to public pressure from the AFL-CIO, unions, and allies, 23 states total have issued public reports.

The reports show that Wal-Mart's workers rely on public funds for health care more than employees from any other company. In at least 19 of the 23 states reporting, Wal-Mart was the No. 1 employer with workers on the public health care rolls."


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