Those crazy Catholics are at it again!
Oh, wait, they're not Catholics, they're Raelians! Sorry, I got confused by the long robes and the belief in beings that no one can confirm the existence of....

"The U.S. biotech firm Clonaid has sprung to the rescue of the embattled cloning scientist Hwang Woo-sook with an offer to join a research partnership at its secret research facility.

Clonaid was founded by the Raelian Movement, a cult-like religious group that maintains humans were created by aliens and claims to have cloned a human being. The company is represented by French scientist Dr. Brigitte Boisselier.

A press release from the company on Monday said Boisselier has written to Hwang to outline the proposal. Boisselier said she believed Hwang's discoveries to be original and that groups opposing stem cell research...conspired to undermine Hwang by making it appear as though the scientist concocted his data. She said he had become a victim of a conservative anti-scientific faction, according to the press release. "

I love the way they call them a cult-like religious group. I have never seen any real difference between them and a lot of so-called mainstream religions. Any one of them could be right or wrong. Personally, I'll stick to worshipping chocolate. It's never done me wrong.


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