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Oh, you're gonna love this:

"Saipan is an American province. Female garment workers in Saipan who get pregnant are forced to have abortions if they wish to keep their jobs. This is perfectly legal there.Tom DeLay and other Republicans think that's just fine and have vowed to keep labor conditions in Saipan exactly the way they are."

Saipan has spent millions on Washington lobbyists and given top Republicans in Congress free trips to the beautiful Pacific island, including one over Christmas for House Majority Whip Tom DeLay"

Via Iggy.

And from the source article:

"It's all possible because Saipan is allowed to set its own immigration policy--a policy that Clinton administration officials told the subcommittee is out of control and must be changed. "


Anonymous said…
Um, did you check out when the "source article" was written? In April 2000. That doesn't mean it's not awful, or even that it's not still going on. But maybe it's not. And certainly it's misleading to quote the article that Delay went to Saipan "over Christmas." We all know he was Sugarland this Christmas, defending himself against other charges...

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