Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases

" found that supporters of President Bush and other conservatives had stronger self-admitted and implicit biases against blacks than liberals did."

No shit, Sherlock.


Anonymous said…
This article is a hoax. Right wing politics is "Rightious", hello? Librals are alway putting a negetive spin on things. You people need to lighten up. Jesus was a hippie, but he didn't act in a matter that made librals act bad. Bush is a nice man with alot of good ideas. We can't let terrorists subvert this great country! What? Do you think we should've sat on our thumbs after 9/11?
You have me going now, lets start a debate on your blog. Ball is in your court Miss Missy. I dare you to respond to me!
Sharon said…
Ah, nothing like an rambling, incoherent, anonymous retort with unsubstantiated "facts" and multiple misspellings to start my morning off right!
Gary said…
"Nice man with alot of good ideas" seems to get much of his support from these anonymous poorly educated trolls.
Sharon said…
Not sure if they're poorly educated or just ignorant and proud of it!
Anonymous said…
Hello? WMDs, thats why we went into Iraq! Saddamn was going to sell them to Osama. We should have invaded sooner before he sent them to Jordon and Syria. He gassed his own poeple, and you don't think that he would do it to us?
I am not illiterite!
It is because of librals like you that this country is going to hell!
You people created MTV, BET, CNN, and FOX. The media's constant questioning of Bush's motives is weakening this country. We all must stand together and have a common vision in order to win the war on terror! Your negetive spin is going to cause the terrerists to win, Miss Missy!
Sharon said…
The word is "illiterate".

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