Coretta Scott King Dies at 78

"Coretta Scott King, widow of slain civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., has died. She was 78. "


Anonymous said…
Sigh... I actually have met her, very nice and focused woman.
Let me tell you something Miss Missy, I believe in MLK's dream as well! What I don't believe in is rap that degrades a woman and society as well. I also don't believe in "bling bling" with diamonds that were mined by basically black slaves. I don't believe in the loose moral fabric in black society that leave black children without a father. I also dont believe in the CRAP that MTV and BET distribute to black society saying that is depraved behavior is ok.
With that, I will repeat that I love MLK and his message. However I do not love today's concept of being "black". I am by no means racist, but I do judge peaple by thier quality. For example, if I saw someone in the lane next to me wearing his "colors", his BASS booming degrading rap at an exesive decible level, and he happens to be black, I would not like him!
What I just described is a very very common sight. Does this make a racist? NO. That makes decent person that can recognize something that is harming society!
Let me ask you Miss Missy? Do you think that the rap videos on MTV and BET add anything to society? Are you a racist if you don't think so?
You call me illiterite, incoherant, troll, bad speller, or whatever, but am I not "Right"?
Sharon said…
Ooh, now we've moved on to superfluous quotation marks. Good show!

Trash comes in all colors.

Why do you persist in referring to me as "Miss Missy"? My name is on the top of the page. In addition, I am far too old to be considered a "Miss" or a "Missy".

I judge people by their quality, too - people who can't even communicate in their native language, and who can't be bothered to look up proper spelling, punctuation and grammar (in other words, lazy, deliberately ignorant people) are low quality as far as I'm concerned.
Anonymous said…
I'll be sure to get my dictinary next time. Obviosly you can't even comment on what I say unless I show myself as you intellectial equal. How about you stop attacking me, and attack what I say? Miss Missy...

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