Why the Hell Not?

After supporting Kinky Friedman for months now, I'm officially withdrawing my support of him. I found out he supports smokers being able to smoke where ever they want. Sorry, but my right to breathe clean air supercedes his right to pollute it. Personally, I don't think people should even be allowed to smoke in their cars with the windows rolled down - when you sit next to them at a stop light, the stuff comes right into your car. If they want to breathe it, they can just sit in there and wallow in it, but don't FORCE me to breathe it.

That's why the hell not, Kinky.


Gary said…
I like him as a writer usually and think he is funny. He ran as a GOP candidate for some local race years ago. The two Democrats running are pretty unexciting but Strayhorn is actually a compassionate and tough Republican conservative running as an Independent becuase of the Christian right takeover of the Texas GOP. (And the John Birch Society takeover, had you seen the Texas GOP platform?)

I will very likely vote for Chris Bell who is a decent guy if usually unexciting.

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